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Manufacturer: Alpha-PharmaSubstance: Drostanolone PropionatePackage: 10 ampoules of 1ml (100mg/ml) or one vial of 10ml (100mg/ml)

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Mastebolin (Drostanolone Propionate) 10 ampoules of 1ml (100mg/ml) or one vial of 10ml (100mg/ml) – Injectable Steroids from Alpha-Pharma.

Mastebolin from the Indian company Alpha Pharma is a new generation anabolic androgenic steroid. Due to the main active component drostanolone propionate, the preparation has a complex effect on the body. It is discharged in the form of a liquid for injection.

Mastebolin Alpha Pharma is designed to consolidate the results obtained during sports trainings. It is also used to increase endurance and strength indicators in wrestlers, athletes, boxers. In order for the drug to show the required effect it is necessary to 500 it not more than 3 mg per week 4 breaking the portion into two – four times. The duration of use depends on the individual needs of the athlete and previous experience with the use of such steroids.

The main active substance, derivative of the hormone dihydrotesterone, is actively used in bodybuilding and other sports due to the characteristic feature – its administration does not cause accumulation of liquid in tissues.

Mastebolin Alpha Pharma has the following effects:

  • reduction of fatty deposits;
  • improvement of relief of muscles;
  • improvement of power indicators;
  • Prevention of muscle tissue decay;
  • Anchoring the effect of the mass set;
  • Removing excess fluid from the body.

Among the side effects of steroid use are baldness, acne, increase in prostate volume, increase in aggression. It is not desirable for women to take this drug because of the development of pronounced viril syndrome.

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