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Manufacturer: Alpha-PharmaSubstance: Trenbolone SuspensionPackage: 10 ampoules of 1ml (50mg/1ml)

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Androxine (Trenbolone Suspension) 10 ampoules of 1ml (50mg/1ml) – Injectable Steroids from Alpha-Pharma.

Androxine from the pharmaceutical company Alpha Pharma is a steroid drug of complex action. The main active substance is the aqueous suspension of trenbolone, which differs from the oil analogue by the absence of an ether residue, which optimizes the supply of the substance to the blood. The product is discharged in liquid form in ampoules.

Due to the lack of aromatization, Androxine does not exhibit estrogenic activity and, as a consequence, does not cause gynecomastia and fluid accumulation in tissues. But the long period of detection of the substance in blood during doping control makes it difficult to receive the product by professional athletes.

Androxine Alpha Pharma effects:

  • Improvement of muscle mass gain, effect occurs immediately after drug administration;
  • Increasing the growth factor of insulin nature;
  • moderate zhiroszhiganiye;
  • decrease in concentration of cortisol.

The chemical formula Androxine Alpha Pharma is based on a 10-noir derivative of testosterone, which causes its progestive-active similarity with nandrolone. Therefore, in rare cases there are side effects: reduced erection, reduced sex drive, atrophy of testicles.

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