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Manufacturer: Alpha-PharmaSubstance: MethandienonePackage: 50 tablets of 10mg per tablet

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Alphabol (Methandienone) 50 tablets of 10mg per tablet – Oral Steroids from Alpha-Pharma.

Alphabol by Alpha Pharma is a steroid with pronounced androgenic and anabolic activity. The basic active ingredient is represented by methandrostenolone, which was originally produced as an effective tonic agent. The preparation is produced in the form of tablets.

Alfabol Alpha Pharma is valued in the sports environment due to the properties to activate muscle growth. At the same time muscle growth takes place in a short time. The preparation has anabolic and androgenic activity. The figures of the first are 200%, the second – 50% of testosterone.

Alphabet Alpha Pharma refers to steroids with moderate hepatotoxicity and with the ability to convert slightly into estrogens. The validity period is up to 8 hours after reception, the period of detection during doping control – three months.

Effects from drug administration:

  • Effective muscle mass gain, up to 10 kg per course, by activating protein production;
  • Increased strength as a result of increased muscle volume;
  • Strengthening of articular apparatus and bone skeleton;
  • Moderate reduction of fat layers, achieving the highest efficiency with the corresponding sports diet;
  • strengthening of appetite.

Uncontrolled steroid administration can lead to the development of gynecomastia. To prevent undesirable effects, it is recommended to combine Alphabet ‘s course with aromatase inhibitors.

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